1157597_10201019507943015_956454828_n(1)Newborn fotograaf amsterdam

Newborn fotograaf amsterdam

The center of my interests within photography lies in a man.
People with their feelings, problems and dilemmas, are what stimulates me to live, so as to save some moments of this coexistence on the pictures. My approach is to share my view upon their stories,
but also to find myself between their affairs.
I hope that my photographs can point viewers eyes on what’s important and precious to me

You are welcome to see my personal projects here


2012 – Photo Academy Award – nominated in categories: Volkskrant Magazine, PhotoQ & P|f
2011 – “Gup” magazine judging prize in photo competition – Stay Tuned – “Muses” – Amsterdam/The Netherlands
2009 – I prize in photo competition /”Happy childhood”,”Szczesliwe dziecinstwo” organized by Nobody’s Children Foundation in Poland


2014 – Artofvisual launch party – (group exhibition) – sugar factory – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012 – Photo Academy Award 2012 – (group exhibition) – Den Haag, The Netherlands
2012 – Graduation show / final exhibition TheFotofactory (group exhibition) – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011 – Canvas – Stay tuned – “Muses”/Pamm expo – (group exhibition) Amsterdam,The Netherlands
2010 – “Dziecko”/”Child” Poznan/Poland (group exhibition)
2009 – Galeria Jablonskich – “Happy childhood”, “Szczesliwe dziecinstwo” / Warsaw/Poland (group exhibition)
2007 – Oda Firlej – “Sitka w Firleju” Wroclaw/Poland “Alice” (group exhibition)
2004 – Pool Gallery – Rotterdam/The Netherlands (group exhibition)


2014 – Artofvisual – Limited editions of posters with one of my photos available for sale at: http://artofvisual.nl/
2012 – SHUTR fotomagazine nr.1/2012 The Netherlands (publication)
2011 – Le negatife mag – online publication (www.lenegatif.com)
2011 – 25th aniversary issue of “SHOTS” magazine/publication (www.shotsmag.com)
2006 – “Didaskalia” (publication) Poland
2007 – “Sitka 2” (multimedia project)
2005 – “Sitka wydanie pierwsze,poprawione” (multimedia project)


2008-2012 The FotoFactory – Private institute for photography / Amsterdam The Netherlands (bachalor of photography & design)

I’m specialized in newborn photography amsterdam, family photography amsterdam, portrait photography amsterdam, pasgeboren fotografie amsterdam, newborn fotograaf amsterdam


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